What Makes Graphic Design the Next Best Mode of Communication

Graphic design is the most pervasive art in our world today. It has its hold in almost every entity of our lives.

Be it the empty beverage can on your desk, the website you are browsing or the billboard you drive past every morning. All of these have been carefully crafted by a graphic designer.

Design dates back to the pre-historic period when the early men drew figures of animals in caves. Those drawings could have been for aesthetics, however, many historians agree they were tools for the cavemen’s hunting games. From then on, design has always been in existence and playing vital roles.

Graphic design goes far beyond making things pretty and functional: it can be a strong force for a change too! One noteworthy example of a graphic solution taking a step in the right direction is Coke Zero.

Coke needed to re-launch their Coca-Cola Classic as well as launch a new product which had ‘zero sugar’. The drink was designed to appeal to men with its sleek masculine black and silver design and the concept of it being a no-calorie drink was beautifully identified with the very well thought of logo. “It’s the real thing with zero calories.” Coke Zero was a huge success and soon became the 3rd biggest-selling cola product.

Good design is about solving a problem and communicating a message. Truly great design, used in the right way, can go beyond that and influence people’s opinions and actions and even the way they live their lives.

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