Kavan Antani | IndieFolio

Kavan Antani, 21, is co-founder of IndieFolio.com, India’s largest creative network with over 25,000+ members. IndieFolio hosts over 50,000+ artworks of designers and have helped over 1,000+ companies recruit creative talent. The mission of IndieFolio is to organize and strengthen the Indian creative community. IndieFolio was part of the “Top 8” startups at SURGE, Banga-lore and “Top 10” startups at TIECON, Mumbai. IndieFolio was also awarded the most “Out of the box startups of the year” at Exhibit Hot 100 Startups.

Kavan has taken various workshops at design institutions, some of them being National Institute of Design and MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design.

Before IndieFolio, at 17, he started a design studio called Visual Violet where he made anima-tions and logos for companies like Eureka Forbes and Go Cheese and few other companies and individuals.