It Is Unbelievable How Human Psychology Is Directly Dependent On Architecture

Without a shadow of doubt, Starbucks is an all time favourite. Surprisingly, it’s not just the coffee that makes people want to go back for more. All branches of Starbucks have one thing in common- round tables. This was an intentional move, as round tables make solo coffee drinkers feel less alone. Circled furniture also invokes a feeling of belonging and results in a better conversation among people when compared to other types of furniture.

Every piece of architecture is linked to an emotion. A great example is how designed memorials trigger emotions of sadness and gratitude. Or the fact that every palace was architecturally designed in order to make people that walk in, feel inferior to the royal family that resided in it. Every tiny detail from the shape of the building to the colour has a psychological effect.

The brain processes every colour on a subjective as well as an objective basis. Hospitals are mostly painted white because of the serenity and peace that the colour can extend. Similarly, most restaurants have a dark colour scheme because it creates a more intimate set up and often makes the rooms look larger.

Architecture is thus an art of being able to create an experience with creativity alone and its impact on human psychology is tremendous.

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