Five Ways Mass Communication Has Changed Lives

In every era, cultures go through numerous changes, and in recent years ours has been more impacted than anything else by mass media. Here are 5 ways by which mass media and communication has impacted our lives.


Mass media has changed the way a lot of us think. Attributes such as lifestyle, habits and moral ethics that a population in a specific place might adhere to, as the way of life. It’s ever changing and is subject to influences, this is where the mass communication can have an effect on the cultural ethos of a society.

How We Meet and Stay in Touch with People

People certainly still meet others at social venues like clubs and parties, but it is easier than ever to discover people who share our interests through social media, whether that means via groups on Facebook or following people on Twitter.

Consumer Spending Habits

Since people see a large number of advertisements all over the place; this has quite a strong influence on their buying habits. Brands with better recognition are usually chosen over their competitors.

Body Image

Ways that mass communication influences individuals is by impacting their body image and self-esteem. People featured in mass media are fit and attractive which makes the average citizen feel that that is the norm which in turn makes them feel inferior.

Speech and Verbal communication

The way we talk in today’s world is influenced not just by our friends, family, teachers and colleagues, but by the rest of the world through mass media. We often use phrases and pick up speech patterns from people we have never met in person. We make movie references that people from half way around the world understand.

Large media companies are not likely to go away overnight, nor will the need to communicate by phone or meet people in person, social media is providing us with more means of engaging with people on this vast planet of ours, and if used effectively can give all of us greater choice in how we live and what happens in our world.

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