All You Need To Know Before You Step Into An Advertising Agency

Everyone at some point has been victim to aggressive marketing campaigns, be it those pesky jingles that get stuck in your head or those pop ups that just don’t leave you alone. However, a lot of these ads are specifically designed to grab your attention and it takes more work to make them than you’d think!

So here are some tips to keep you on your toes and help you get creative with an advertisement.

The little details make a big difference

Have you ever noticed how meticulous the ads for apple products are? Even though their products might be slightly repetitive at times they generate a buzz with every product launch and rake in the sales numbers to show for it thanks to their carefully crafted ads.

It’s all psychological

Ads are very focused on tricking the mind into doing things you didn’t want to until that moment. For example, the excessive red used for the world famous fast food chain McDonald’s chain wasn’t an accident. It was a thoughtfully planned strategy because the colour red triggers the mind into becoming hungry.

The customer’s attention is everything

Irrespective of whether your ad is a minute or 10 seconds, your intention should be to have the viewer’s complete attention. You must keep them wanting more.

Persistence is key

Not a lot of people will be willing to pay up on something they heard about once. Make an ad campaign that’s both aggressive and interesting. If it’s chiming at the back of their head, you’re on the right track.

Advertising is a skill and it takes some clever thinking to put out the best. It is not only a marketing tactic; social issues like child labour, liquor consumption, smoking, and family planning can be brought out in the light through advertising. It is one thing which has become a necessity for everybody in their day to day life, be it the producer, the trader, or the customer.

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